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Review: The Wolverine

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The fake kanji on this promotional art are a fucking crime
I didn’t expect much from the The Wolverine, and I got exactly what I expected. Maybe that’s not so bad, but I’m not a fan.

Here’s the thing: I didn’t hate this movie: I just didn’t really like it either. That being said, The Wolverine is an entertaining film at times. Hugh Jackman has solidified himself in his role as Wolverine, and I think he does a solid job as the lead role. All in all, this movie is a big dumb action film. It’s what I expected, and it’s what I got. That being said, there are some glaring issues with this film that can’t be overlooked.

I know I’m nitpicking here, but I’m so freaking sick and tired of the “brooding hero” shtick that seems to be all the rage. The Wolverine opens with the titular hero living somewhere in the north, in a cave, drunk and depressed. As this movie is set after Last Stand, I get that due to the overarching storyline Logan should be depressed. It fits into the film’s story, but it just bugs me. We get it, he’s got demons.

The action scenes in this film, while mostly well shot, still suffered from what my friend and I were calling “shakycam”. Personally, I can’t stand it when action sequences have the camera shake around like crazy. I get that it’s supposed to simulate the chaos of battle, but all I get out it is some motion sickness. What’s odd is that the big battle scenes are, at times, shot really well with big sweeping shots of the action and good closeups of Logan fighting his way through enemies. So believe me when I say that the sudden switch from a fluid action shot to a shaking camera, which happens randomly throughout the major action scenes, is incredibly jarring and unpleasant. This is only compounded by the poorly done post-processed 3D. While there was no blatant “Holy crap his blades are coming right at me!!!” moment, the 3D effects in this film add nothing to the cinematography and seem to exist only to squeeze another $3.50 out of eager moviegoers.

While The Wolverine isn’t an awful film, it’s not really that great either. Like I said earlier, it is entertaining for what it is, but it seems to suffer from the “cash-grab” issues that Origins had. The film feels like a rushed excuse to show Hugh Jackman brooding and killing people while Fox squeezes us for money. But hey, if that money goes to making Days of Future Past, then that’s not really a bad thing.

I can’t honestly recommend you see this movie in theaters, it’s just not worth your money. If anything, it’s worth checking out once it hits the rental and on-demand market.

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