Spawn #204 – Review

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The new hellspawn on the block.

Background story if you need it: Not wanting to be part of the war between heaven and hell anymore, Al Simmons, or as most know him now, Spawn, used his powers to take his own life. A new individual has taken up the mantle on earth as a hellspawn. That man is amnesiac and his best guess to his name is Jim Downing.

After waking from his coma he’s already got the Mafia, the Clown, angels, and the media breathing down his neck for their own personal vendettas. His only friend being the nurse named Sara that watched over him in the hospital. He is currently being pursued by the media for his apparent “spiritual healing” abilities that he has been seen performing.

At this point, he rushes to the aid of Sara who had been being followed by paparazzi. In all the chaos, a photographer was hit by a bus. With the man fading fast, Sara pleads for him to use his powers to save the man even though she had been harassed so badly by them.

The story is great buildup for the inevitable storm that is sure to come. With Jim not knowing who’s good and who’s bad, he’s being pretty chummy with the Clown. This issue is a little slow on the action, but you can’t have hellspawn ripping through baddies and blowing off their own heads every week, now can you?

STORY: 90%
ART: 85%

This issue’s artwork is by Szymon Kudranski and is appropriately very dark and moody. The lines blend into shadow just as easily as Spawn can. I personally prefer a little more definition so you clearly see the faces/action/details but this style of artwork suits the universe of Spawn just fine.

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