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Review: My Favorite Martian: Complete Series DVD Set Is Out Of This World

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Title: My Favorite Martian: Complete Series
Director: John L. Greene (Creator)
Principal Cast: Ray Walston and Bill Bixby
Format: Multiple Formats, Color, NTSC
Language: English
Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only.)
Number of Discs: Three DVD discs
Release Date: October 20, 2015


As a kid I wasn’t into science fiction as much as I am now as an adult. I would watch reruns of various shows on television, but when it comes to classic series I’ve been lagging behind for a long time. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I got to see any of the classic Star Trek episodes, aside from the few I would catch by accident. I know about the classics, though, and when I got the opportunity to obtain My Favorite Martian: The Complete Series DVD set for review I jumped at the chance to see this classic show I’ve heard so much about. The last twenty four hours of my life have been taken over by this show as I’ve watched sporadic episodes from all three seasons and browsed through most of the special features.

My Favorite Martian is an American television sitcom that aired in black and white for 75 episodes and then 32 episodes in color from September 29, 1963, to May 1, 1966 for a total of 107 episodes. The show starred Ray Walston as a Martian, Exigius Twelve and a Half, that crashes onto Earth, and Bill Bixby as reporter Tim O’Hara. The two of them decide to keep the Martian’s true identity a secret because of how the government and public could react. Tim decides to pass the Martian off as his new roommate, Uncle Martin, as they go through various hijinks trying to keep the alien’s identity a secret.

The first thing that impressed me about this DVD set is how good the show actually looks. The sound quality and visuals are very well done and it’s quite obvious how much work was put into bringing this series up to date on a visual level. All of the episodes are unedited and the total time for the entire series, including special features, is fifty hours. I don’t have the “highest-of-the-highest definition” television and the show looked great to me. The DVD set is also packaged quite well with five discs in three different packages that separate the shows into three different seasons.

Fans of the show will want to look into the huge amount of special features that are on this set. The special features include Behind-the-Scenes Home Movies, Original Cast and Sponsor Commercials, Spaceship Miniature Test Footage, Roy Walston Promotional Game Show & Talk Show Appearances, Let’s Talk to Lucy (which is long lost ‘64-’65 radio show interviews with Bixby and Walston talking to Lucille Ball), Photo Galleries and Comic Strips, Original Soundtrack Music Album, Vintage Program Sponsor Billboards & Closing Credits, Animation & Effects Reel, Lost Jack Chertok Productions TV Pilots: The Man in the Square Suit and The Reluctant Eye.

As someone who hadn’t watched My Favorite Martian before I like to think that I have a different view on this product than others. I don’t have the benefit of nostalgia here and I really enjoyed this box set. I’m eager to have the chance to watch the entire series and I can see why this show is as iconic as it is. Science fiction of the 1960’s is high concept and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you can help your kids get beyond the black and white I can see them enjoying this show just like kids today can still enjoy the early seasons of Doctor Who and Star Trek. The price tag of $99.98 is a little high (Get it for $60.74 on Amazon!), but considering that this is such a huge set it’s definitely worth the price.

My Favorite Martian: Complete Series provided by marketing for review.

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