Ryan Wilson

Review: Erase Errata – “Damaged” & “Ouija Boarding”

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Singles have become the bread and butter of many fans of independent music. Without the immense financial backing that mainstream artists are accustomed to, it can often be years between albums while they scrounge together the resources needed to finally press that next LP. Singles act as the aural appetizer to hold you over until the main course.

An excruciating four years after their last release, Nightlife, the all-female noise rock band Erase Errata has proven once again that they still put out some real kickass tracks with the November 2nd release of two new (and strangely Election Day appropriate) singles, “Damaged” and “Ouija Boarding”. Erase Errata continues to use their amazing ability to take a disjunctive tone in their instruments and make them eerily harmonious with the vocals, and then suddenly crescendoing into pure bitter improvisational energy. Truly, this is noise rock that even those who hate noise rock can get behind.

These new Erase Errata singles are a worthy addition to your music library. “Damaged” and “Ouija Boarding” can be digitally purchased as a bundle on the Kill Rock Stars store at $4, or as a 7″ vinyl for $5.

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