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The Return of JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE Manga to North America, Thanks to Viz Media

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Over 200 years ago Jonathan Joestar met his newly adopted brother Dio Brando. But instead of brotherly love and family, the newest Joestar longed for power. After a failed attempt to usurp Jonathan as heir of the powerful English family, Dio resorts to using an ancient stone mask that transforms him into a vampire! Thus begins an epic battle between Jonathan and his adopted brother that lasts generations.

In the early 2000’s Viz had released the first three volumes of this action adventure manga. These started the tale of the first Joestar and eventually his grandson Joesph in their task of destroying Dio. The third story arc in JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE introduces Joesph’s grandson Jotaro (Starting to get where the JoJo comes from yet?) along with Stand. A strange psychic power that had manifested with Dio’s return, Stand made this volume stand out from its predecessors. Spawning an anime, two novels and video games on this arc alone, this volume exploded the series into popularity.

From the Press Release:

“VIZ Media’s original publication of the JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE STARDUST series story arc complemented the anime counterpart’s North American broadcast run and fan interest has endured ever since,” says Leyla Aker, Vice President, Publishing. “The series is a multi-generational paranormal adventure story with each section focusing on a different Joestar descendent as the main character. We’re very excited to bring this celebrated title back to North America and also give fans the opportunity to catch JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE from the very beginning later this Summer!”

VizMedia has digital copies of both parts of JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE: STARDUST CRUSADERS available now at and the VIZ MANGA App. A rerelease the first two volumes in digital and printed format are planned to start at the end of the year. A perfect time to see check out one of the most bestselling manga’s to come out of Japan!



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