Evan Burkey

Retro Review: Conan The Barbarian (1982)

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What better way to kick Crom Week off than with the movie based on the comic based on the book that started it all?

We’ve all seen Conan The Barbarian, so I’ll skip the summary and get straight to the beef: I haven’t seen this film in about 10 years, and there’s probably a reason for that. Though I recognize that this movie is a solid fantasy film, especially for the early 1980s, I just couldn’t get into it. Don’t get me wrong, in terms of the time period it is a classic, and I can appreciate it for what it is, but I personally didn’t find it super entertaining. The pacing is incredibly slow, and I found myself wondering several times if it whole sets of scenes were necessary to tell the film’s story.

All that being said, Conan The Barbarian does have its high points. The action scenes are notably well done despite their lack of special effects, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is a believable Conan. However, the slow pacing and lack of good storytelling made this 2 hour film a hard one to finish, and I’m not sure if I can recommend Conan The Barbarian to those who missed it. Check out the classic clip below, and then unleash your hate-filled comments.

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