Ryan Thomason

Retreat, Movie Trailer #1

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Maybe taking your wife to that deserted island so that you two can bond wasn’t such a great idea when you find out that the world died from some sort of global pandemic while you two were snuggling on the beach getting sand in your butt crack.

OR, the guy that told you about the pandemic is a raging psycho that wants to murder you in weird ways. Is he telling the truth though? I guess we’ll find out.

I want to see more on this film before I decide if this is a movie worth paying attention to, I’m partially sold because of it starring Cillian Murphy (28 Days later, Batman Begins) and Thandie Newton as his wife. Apparently there are no release dates yet, but Sony Pictures will be the guys putting it out in the US. I’ll post more information as I find it, but before then, what do you guys think about this movie?

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