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Resistance 3 – Gamescom Live-Action Trailer

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resistance 3 gets its own roadsigns? what?

I don’t know how many of you out there actually played all the way through Resistance 2 only to be pissed off at the ‘to be continued’ ending they gave us, well looks like the guys at Insomniac are ready to reveal to us now, what exactly we have to look forward to in the next installment.

Ok so, there’s not any actual game footage shown in the video, but I’m glad to see them trying to give their games a bit of a personality (something definitely missing from the first 2) in the same what that Halo has endeared itself to many of its fans. The entire trailer is live-action and makes it seem like America got totally destroyed by the events of the second game. Maybe this time there will be an honest ‘resistance’ to the Chimeran threat.

I suggest watching the video below after seeing the one above because it’s a fan made trailer and it fits the mood and theme of the game much more adequately than the generic one put out…also, Johnny fucking Cash makes anything 100x better, it’s science.

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