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Resistance 3 – E3 Trailers

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Insomniac released some great looking stuff today at E3, but perhaps the most important thing were the two trailers that they gave us for Resistance 3.

First up is a gameplay trailer that shows members of the human resistance movement duking it out with the Chimera in St. Louis as they ambush the enemy forces.

It’s obvious to me that the guys at Insomniac have been really busy giving this game all they have, the particle effects look amazing when shit’s blowing up. I’m really impressed to the point where my inner PS3 fanboy wants to yell “ONLY ON PS3”, if it weren’t for Halo 4’s announcement.

My favorite bit for the trailer is the random “Goddamnit this ambush is going to hell” bit of dialogue. When it switches from a ‘kill everything’ to an ‘escape this bitch’ type of situation, I could tell that this game will get the ol’ ticker kicking, wow.

The final trailer is your typical run of the mill type with raspy voice, sad pianos, tugging heartstrings, and of course the typical one man versus insurmountable odds camera pan. I love this series, but does everything in this trailer really need to be all different shades of brown and gray? The real world has more color than that!

The game will be released on September 6, 2011 for the PlayStation 3.

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