Alan Smithee

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – E3 Trailer

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Shame on you for hoping that the newest trailer for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City would be anything but CG.

I can’t hate on the game yet, but the biggest unanswered question I have right now is, did we REALLY need to go back to Raccoon City?

We’ve talked about this game before and we’re still going to have to adopt the WPR wait and see policy on it, but we honestly don’t know what to expect out of this game. The big BOO at the end of the thing wasn’t really a surprise, but at least the CG work looks great. Now if they can only get Slant Six to keep the quality that high when it comes to gameplay, we’ll be set.

I still don’t know how I feel about the potential of killing major characters in the Resident Evil universe though…doesn’t the series need Leon Kennedy to live so we can have the excellent RE4? The game is set to be released at the end of this year and Capcom is already estimating that they’re going to sell 2.5 million units. How about you let us see some in-game action first big-C and then make your sales estimates?

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