Resident Evil is 15 years old today.

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Little did Capcom know how big a franchise this game would become when it was released on March 22nd 1996. Considering how dated tank controls in video games are today, it’s slightly ironic that they were so fresh when Resident Evil was released. Resident Evil’s core gameplay was around before in 1992’s Alone In The Dark, but the former was the first survival horror for most people, especially since it was lucky enough to appear on what would become the most popular console of the late 90s and early 00s. Needless to say, the game became very popular and is responsible for some iconic video game moments (the corridor with the windows to name one). It wasn’t long until there was a sequel (1998 to be specific) and 15 years later, there are more than a dozen games as well as books and a crappy film series.

So what’s the best version of the game? Well there are three different versions of the games. There’s the original PS1, PC and Sega Saturn release, the Gamecube remake in 2002 and most recently the portable reworking for Nintendo DS in 2006. Most people would say that the Gamecube version is the best version for its improved gameplay and its gorgeous graphics, but I personally have to go with the original version. It’s probably because of rose tinted glasses, but the original just felt like it had a much larger impact on me, and is still a very fun game, with just the right level of balance, shock horror and longetivity. That being said, the Gamecube version is probably the best choice for new Resident Evil fans. As for the DS version, it’s actually quite good as well. As well as the original game, there’s a new version that changes up enemy patterns and even adds some new puzzles. It was also the first time I could play a proper Resi game on the go, and that was awesome. Whichever version you choose, Resident Evil is a game worth playing and 15 years later, its legacy is felt across the Resident Evil series and the survival horror genre itself. The series itself is still going strong today, with two 3DS releases on the way.

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