Alan Smithee

Repo Men – Red Band Trailer

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is it just me or does it look like forrest whittaker look like he's lost a ton of weight?

Hmmm…Jude Law and Forrest Whittaker both playing heartless murdering bastards? Wait a second is that Liev Schreiber? Ok, that’s it…I’m sold. Now to wait the next 40 days until it hits the cinema. Oh, its a pretty NSFW trailer, so you’ve been warned and all that jazz.

It seems like your typical I-was-bad-but-now-I’m-good story that involves a ‘repo man’ for a company that puts a clause in their credit paperwork that allows the company to come reclaim your (insert body part) that you were using on loan. I think someone finally paid attention to the live organ donation scene in Monty Python’s Meaning of Life a bit too much. It still looks like it’ll be a good movie to watch.

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