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Renner as Hawkeye in Avengers Movie?

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I liked the ultimate version of Hawkeye over the vanilla comic one.

Jeremy Renner, best known for his role in The Hurt Locker has been rumored to be the lead when it comes to portraying Marvel Comics’ peripheral Avenger, Hawkeye since some time ago in 2009. Most people have dismissed it as just speculation or rumor, but not us, we think it might just be true.

It may be a stretch, but now that we have Joss Whedon helming the movie, it stands to reason that the news about Nathan Fillion being Ant-Man and the news about Mr. Renner playing Hawkeye could be truth…I mean, he was on at least one episode of Angel that I can remember, and we all know that Joss likes to play favorites with casting.

Now my only concern is whether or not it’ll be old Hawkeye or Ultimate Hawkeye that uses guns as well as the standard bow & arrow set, because that’s the kind of stuff that matters to geeks like me.

Anyways, I am hoping that they’ll throw in as many heroes and characters as they can when the Avengers movie comes out in like 2 years…cause you know they’ll all get their own movies or will have had two or three of their own by then. I can’t wait to see the fights between Hawkeye and Iron Man if this turns out to be true.

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