Remote Masseuse: Online love takes a bold step forward

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I was hanging out in an IRC chat room today when one of the people there casually mentioned he had developed a game for the XBL Marketplace using the XNA library for Visual Studio. While this isn’t that rare of a thing, what was interesting was the game itself. It’s a game that uses the rumble feature of the 360 controllers to massage a friend. Now, the fun part is that you don’t decide exactly what parts you massage, your friend does. Here’s the official description from XBL:

This game was classified by the community with the following category scores – Violence=0/3, Sex=0/3, Mature Content=0/3. Take control of someone else’s controller to give them a soothing massage, either locally or over XBox Live. Solo mode lets you use your own controller to relax. Different vibration settings allow you to give the massage you want to give or receive. Supports voice chat so you can request the perfect massage. Great for long distance relationships.

Ha ha ha. “Great for long distance relationships.” Awesome. This would have definitely helped me when I was dating that girl in Alabama. Since I’m scared of Alabama, we didn’t see each other much (Alabama is full of white people!).

The game was released on Wednesday and is only 200 MS points so go get it and support independent games.

I got to sit down with the developer of the game, Entrager, recently to get his thoughts behind the game. Hit the jump to see the interview.

BigPopaGamer: What made you want to make a massage game?

Entrager: I actually used the project as a way of learning how to write games in XNA. I didn’t really have a specific project to work on, so I just linked two controllers together over the network. I left it at that and started working on a puzzle game. When it became clear to me that what I had was something people might actually want to use over XBox Live, I decided to polish it up and release it.

BigPopaGamer: How hard was it to work with the XNA library?

Entrager: It’s very easy. The biggest hurdle was just understanding how some stuff worked differently on Windows and the XBox 360.

BigPopaGamer: How long did it take you to make it?

Entrager: Around 20 hours

BigPopaGamer: What would be the first step you would tell other potential game dev’s to do when making their own games?

Entrager: If you don’t already know how to program, that’s the first step. I see a lot of people trying to create games using XNA because they’ve heard it’s easy. If you don’t already have some programming skills, XNA doesn’t make it *that* easy. If you are already capable of programming, then just try to come up with a good idea and go for it!

BigPopaGamer: Alright, on a different topic, what has been some of your favorite XBL games to date?

Entrager: My list probably isn’t much different from anyone else’s. Braid, Pac-ManCE , and Castle Crashers would top my list.

BigPopaGamer: What is currently in your 360’s cd tray?

Entrager: Left 4 Dead

BigPopaGamer: Should we look forward to more games from you in the future?

Entrager: Yes. I’m working on two other games at the moment. Both games are puzzle games, one being a fairly standard “clear the blocks” style puzzler with a retro feel and the other being a music-based puzzler in which you can play using your own music library. I’d like to make a platformer at some point, but unfortunately I don’t have a lot of free time to work on games and puzzle games are much simpler and less time consuming.

BigPopaGamer: Awesome, we’ll be watching out for those games in the future. Thanks for your time Entrager.

Entrager: Thank you.

There you go whores. Straight from the horse’s mouth. Now go out and get this game. I’m sure you can figure out what to do with it from there.

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