Remedy Games: Going all in on Alan Wake

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Here’s the situation. You’re the short stack at the table. You’re behind in the count and your opponent has just raised you on the Turn card. You’d have to go All In to call him. You are holding a flush draw. What do you do?!?

If you are Remedy Games, developers of the highly anticipated Alan Wake, you call. And then you pray that the River card is a spade and not a heart.

Our friends over at IncGamers got to sit down with Matias Myllyrinne about how much Alan Wake means to the company.

“To be honest, we’re very much betting the farm on this game.

We’ve created it since 2005, and it is kind of like landing on a new continent and bringing the ships – ‘Guys, you’d better make do on this continent. Survive.’”

How exactly are they betting the farm? Well when you consider Remedy is a foreign, 40-man team,working on an Xbox 360 exclusive game in an age where FPS’s are king and Survival/Horror is the ugly stepchild, then you really have a situation. A situation that could lead to looking outside of gaming as the only source of revenue for your IP. Such as movies perhaps? What say you Sam Lake?

“From the very beginning, we planned to do more with Alan Wake than just this one game,” the game’s writer said to Eurogamer in an interview.”

“Whether that means taking him into new mediums or into a new game remains to be seen. With the TV series as a model for the structure of the game, we kind of had plans to take things forward from there.”

Probably not a bad idea, as the story of the game lends itself well to TV or a film. Better than any of the Uwe Boll films anyways.

Alan Wake is out on Xbox 360 May 21st.

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