Evan Burkey

Red Orchestra 2 Coming August 30th

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The sequel to one of the best multiplayer PC shooters out there, Red Orchestra 2 hits shelves and digital download services on August 30th.

The Red Orchestra series is Tripwire Interactive’s answer to the “WW2” shooter. It boasts realistic features like advanced bullet physics, no crosshairs, and authentic tank armor modeling. Red Orchestra 2 adds new realism features, for example there is a new first person cover system combined with blind firing, which I got to check out at last year’s PAX.

Tripwire has also announced that they will be using a combination of Punkbuster, Valve’s VAC, and PBBans to beat cheaters and hackers. Competitive multiplayer PC games have always struggled with script kiddies and cheaters, so I’m glad Tripwire is taking a very harsh stance on cheating.

I’m definitely looking forward to August 30th, Red Orchestra is one of my favorite PC multiplayer games and the sequel is shaping up to look even better. Anyone else out there excited?

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