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Red Hulk GETS Smashed, by Fear Itself (Hulk #37 Preview)

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What the hell am I missing out on?!?! I picked a bad time to be late to the comic book party. Seriously I don’t know if I can get caught up with all the stuff that is going on now days, I want to absorb it ALL, but you know wife/kids/bills kind of get in the way, oh and time, that bastard. Anybody following Hulk and want to fill me in? Hey, at least I’m still giving you guys the news right?

Writer: Jeff Parker
Art: Elena Casagrande
Rating: T+
Price: $2.99
On Sale: 8/3/11
The Thing has been chosen as one of the Serpent’s hammer-wielding Worthy and only one man can stand in his way – the Red Hulk! But can the Red Hulk take on the Breaker of Souls alone and save New York City in the process? Fear Itself continues its stranglehold on the Marvel Universe this August, only in Hulk #37!

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