Red Faction: Demons Of The Badlands DLC Announced

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I’m coming to close to being ready to do my Red Faction: Guerrilla review now. All I need to do is play Wrecking Crew and the Multiplayer since I finished the single player campaign last week. Here’s a clue: I enjoyed it. Anyway, in the mean time here is some news about Red Faction: Guerrilla DLC. Volition recently announced that there would be 3 DLC packs coming to Red Faction: Guerrilla and the first pack has been announced today as Demons Of The Badlands. There’s nothing specific yet, but we’re told that it will be a single player arc taking players outside of the previous boundaries and will feature new weapons and vehicles, all that jazz.

The pack is coming to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 (no PC love it seems) on August 13th for 800 Microsoft moonbucks or $9.99/£6.80. Not a bad price if it gives a few hours worth of new single player content. What is interesting is that all of the screenshots shown show only the game’s Marauders and there’s no sign of Alec Mason, the game’s protagonist or even the Red Faction. Does this mean we’ll be playing as a new character? Maybe, I’m just speculating. There is also what looks like an EDF vehicle in the distance on the screenshot above so perhaps the game even takes place before the events of Red Faction:Guerrilla and showcases the fight between the EDF and the Marauders? I don’t know, but I do know I’ll be picking it up if it’s as good as Red Faction:Guerrilla has been. What are your thoughts?

(screenshots: Kotaku)

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