Ryan Thomason

Red Dawn Reboot Still Going to Suck, But Coming Soon!

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Chris Hemsworth is probably so hanging his head in shame that this movie has been shelved for so long while he rose to fame.

Yes, the Red Dawn reboot has Chris Hemsworth in it before he got all Thor’d up. The movie is basically the same as the original, except China was invading instead of the Russians. Oh wait, they digitally changed everything Chinese to be North Korean for “world wide appeal”, not to piss off our “friends”. So thankfully all Asian people look the same right? Yeah. This movie is going to suck. Hard.

The new “Red Dawn” cost about $60 million to produce. Was directed by Dan Bradley, second unit director on the last two “Bourne” movies and the upcoming “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.” So yeah, him and Chris Hemsworth…..maybe?

Coming 2012!


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