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Red City #1: A New Universe To Explore

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The new series, Red City, has a bit of a Blade Runner feel to it, with the seedy side of society being represented along side a slew of aliens races, as well as interplanetary travel being common. Cal Talmage, being the anti-hero of our story, is quite the loose cannon and seems to have no trouble going where he needs to go using all his under-world connections from his pre-military days, on his hunt for the Mercurian Ambassador’s daughter, Talia. The plot of the story is basic enough, with Talmage having to find a girl who might just cause the collapse of an uneasy treaty between to nations at odds, after she ran off with the son of the enemy. Sound familiar? As old as it is, it’s not stale.


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Writer: Daniel Corey
Artist: Mark Dos Santos
Color: Chris Fenoglio
Letters and Logo: Dave Lanphear
Cover Color: Steve Downer 
Publisher: Image Comics
Release date: June 11, 2014

Red City #1 – $2.39
Retail Price: $2.99
You Save: $0.60

The setting is interesting, with numerous new alien races to compound into a vast new history and universe. Some blue, some green, some yellow, and some pink, these new alien races are not taken to the extreme with their appearances like some fictional universes. But rather, they give us the impression they are merely humans evolved differently from colonizing different environments. Daniel Corey keeps it interesting enough to have you wanting to know more in this universe and how he’ll spin the different elements into being. I am particularly interested in seeing just how many alien races will be in this new series. I just hope Cal Talmage isn’t a “Captain Kirk.”

Sci-fi and mysteries go well together. And so does the artwork of Mark Dos Santos and the writing of Daniel Corey. There’s a good level of depth in the panels, since the story takes place in some pretty shady spots. But, the colors remain vibrant and full of life in spite of the death that seems to surround them. Think Las Vegas on a galactic level, and you’re starting to get the picture. I hope this title does well, and gives us a whole new intergalactic universe to explore.  Get your copy Red City #1 here.

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