Recommendations For Dead Musicians in Guitar Hero 6

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Activision showed us with Guitar Hero World Tour that it’s perfectly fine to put a dead musician into a videogame for seemingly no reason. Then with The Beatles: Rock Band, we got a reanimated George Harrison and John Lennon, although with that game being about the band they both once belonged to, it made sense. However, Guitar Hero 5 was having none of that and brought in zombie Kurt Cobain and Johnny Cash, with the game upping the ante by letting you use Kurt Cobain for any song, creating this. So with both rival series now sporting 2 dead musicians in their latest games, something has to give right? It’s certain that at least 1 dead musician will be in Guitar Hero 6: The Final Nightmare. I know it, you know it and Bobby Kotick certainly knows it. However, with all that hard work on Guitar Hero: Metallica, Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero and Guitar Hero: Van Halen, Neversoft probably don’t have the time or energy to decide who to immortalize in Guitar Hero next. Luckily for them, I’m here to help. Hit the jump for 5 ideal dead musicians for Guitar Hero 6: Freddy’s Dead.

Keith Moon


Band: The Who

Well we haven’t had a dead drummer in a Guitar Hero game so Keith Moon would be the perfect choice, given his fame as The Who’s original drummer. You would bring in both fans of drumming mastery and fans of The Who. You can also use him as an excuse to introduce drum battles. See? I just gave you not only a great candidate for the Guitar Hero treatment, but also a new feature for Guitar Hero 6: City Under Siege. As for song choice? The classic Won’t Get Fooled Again of course, because it’s not like you haven’t gotten enough songs from Rock Band/Rock Band 2.

Freddy Mercury


Band: Queen

Well you already got one of music’s most gifted people with Jimi Hendrix so why stop there? As well as bringing in all of the Queen fans and those who aspire to be great singers, the addition of Freddy Mercury would also give you the excuse to introduce multiple outfits for dead musicians, with 1 default outfit in the game and the rest being DLC unlock codes. It’s not moral but it’s genius. Just like Mercury himself (the genius part that is). As for song choice, Bohemian Rhapsody would probably be the best choice since it’s one of, if not the most recognisable Queen song/s. It doesn’t even matter that most of the song involves piano as you can easily chart it to guitar, you cheeky rascals you. If Freddy Mercury was in Guitar Hero 6: Modern Warfare 2, it would certainly rock you.

Elvis Presley


You couldn’t make a better pick for a dead musician in Guitar Hero 6 than the King himself, Elvis Presley. This would easily bring all of the parents and grandparents who have to open a second mortgage every Christmas when their kid wants the latest Guitar Hero and Call Of Duty. Elvis would also be another excuse for multiple costumes, given the various apparel that the King wore throughout his life. There are quite a few songs you could pick when it comes to Elvis so Activision could always just make Guitar Hero: Elvis Presley instead if they struggle to choose a song. All I know is that The King would certainly make Guitar Hero 6: Half Blood Prince the king…of music games.

Michael Jackson


What’s better than just The King of Rock? The King of Rock and The King of Pop of course! What better way to capitalize on the man’s recent death than by including him in the next Guitar Hero game. Sure, he is already scheduled to appear in his own game in the near future but no one will buy that anyway because it’s not the new Guitar Hero. Beat It has also previously appeared in Guitar Hero World Tour, which means that there is even more reason to put the recently deceased star into Guitar Hero 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers. Add an extensive music catalogue and a variety of clothing and you have the perfect dead musician for your game. You’d definitely be smooth criminals to put him in.

Cliff Burton


Band: Metallica

Well we all know that the end of Guitar Hero games feature impossibly hard metal songs, so what better way to improve the end of a Guitar Hero game than with Cliff Burton? You’d also get bassists on your side, since bassists are generally unappreciated. It’s also ideal as Activision are all pally with Metallica. With Guitar Hero: Metallica being released earlier this year, it shouldn’t be too hard to get Burton into Guitar Hero 6: Jason Lives. Even though there have already been plenty of Metallica songs in Guitar Hero, I’m sure there are more that could be put in. Adding Cliff Burton to your catalogue of dead musicians would certainly make Activision even more of a master of puppets.

Well those are just some of the dead musicians that Activision could put in the next Guitar Hero game. I hope this had made Activision’s job of making dead musicians turn in their graves that little bit easier.

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