Ryan Thomason

Reboot I can Get Behind, ‘Wargames’!

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If you consider yourself a Geek, Nerd, closet geeks or just apparently “Normal”, you’ve probably come across this movie at some point, you might be doing so again soon. The original starred Matthew Broderick, who uses a modem (complete with phone cradled into it!) to hack into a government computer to play games. Naturally he always starts a nuclear world war. Seth Gordon (of King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters documentary fame) has serious nerd cred just for making a documentary about damn old Arcade Games.

The possibilities of this being a genuinely freaky movie is really up there. Think about it, when the original movie was made, people were playing PONG and the computer that Matthew Broderick was using had less power and processing ability than our modern smartphones. If they truly modernize this to include cyber terrorism, AI, and government secret computers/programs you’ve got all the means to really create something awesome. Maybe not something like ‘Hackers’ but I just see a lot of possibility for a movie like this to get a modern reboot. Hopefully MGM doesn’t muck it up.


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