Jill Seale

Realm Of The Mad God: There Are Worse Ways To Spend The Day

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If you’re hopelessly addicted to pointless RPG elements (and who isn’t), you could spend the day playing Realm of the Mad God instead of sitting on your hands, anxiously awaiting the arrival of your copy of Marvel VS Capcom 3 (that might just be me, though).

Realm of the Mad God is what happens when you combine the class-based lootfest/dungeon grind of Diablo with a bullet hell shooter. You run around an open world as one of 11 classes, complete with its’ own shift-click special ability and unique gear, along with up to 80 other people per server. The goal is to kill every monster on the map. Once a (huge) set number of monsters is killed, everyone on the server is instantly teleported to the realm of the mad god to do battle with him. It’s hard to describe the pure chaos that ensues as scores of low level characters are instantly vaporized, while the higher level players begin to frantically fight for their lives.

And I do mean frantically, because in Realm of the Mad God, once you’re character dies, that’s it. Back to the drawing board. When it can potentially take a couple days to hit the level cap of 20, and way longer to get the kind of gear you’d be proud to write home about, this is no small inconvenience.

So that’s the basics of RotMG, and now’s a pretty good time to start playing, seeing as how developer, Wild Shadow, just implimented some new features, including a streamlined quest system and a handful of new monsters. I’ll spend the evening trying to work my way up to unlocking the paladin class, and not running circles around my house in anticipation of some awesome fighting game action. Yourself?

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