Alan Smithee

Real Steel – Trailer

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I know I’m dating myself here, but I swear to Crom that I played this in a game before…

Of course I did, because I was one of those mental people who enjoyed their Virtual Boy, and the game Teleroboxer that came out for it. Well, anyways if you’re looking for an intelligent script, keep on searching because this movie looks like it’s going to provide a bit of good acting from Hugh Jackman combined with Action with an uppercase A.

Seems like Hugh is a “I could have been a contender” types of characters who loses his shot at the human title once the robot fights start up. Should be fun, then again I’m the guy who saw that Channing Tatum movie Fighting when it came to theaters…I’m just a sucker for fighting movies I guess, and seeing anything that resembles a big shiny robot getting it’s ass kicked is always a plus.

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