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Real Steel, Boxing Robots and Hugh Jackman, We’re In!

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If you haven’t seen anything about this film yet, it is an adaptation of a novel by the author of I Am Legend, Richard Matheson, about a future in which human boxing, aka the sweet science, has fallen by the wayside due to people in the future (a dystopian one at that) getting their kicks watching robot fights. These matches can either be professionally sanctioned events held by the World Robot Boxing group, or underground events and back alley brawls. The current ‘champ’ goes by the name Zeus and has been obliterating an opponent that he faces in the WRB ring.

We told you about this movie a while ago, but it seems ComingSoon had some updates that we had to get out to you. The robots are controlled by humans outside of the ring, rock ’em sock ’em robots style, I assume. Jackman’s character Charlie Kenton is a down on his luck boxer forced into retirement when human boxers became obsolete.

The basic story for the movie is this: Charlie is attempting to reconnect with his kid Max, whom he abandoned, they find a robot that seems to be nearly sentient and is capable of mimicking or replicating any movement it sees. This is how Charlie manages to train the robot to fight without needing direct control.

I don’t know about you guys, but this movie sounds pretty damn cool, I can’t wait to get more information as it comes along.

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