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Are You Ready For The Season Finale Of The Walking Dead?

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Well this looks ominous…
So are you ready for tonight’s big season four finale? Cause if The Walking Dead does one thing right, it’s ending the season with a bang…..and usually a lot of dead bodies. AMC has been doing some extreme foreshadowing, releasing a bunch of new posters that say either “Who will arrive?”, or the much more ominous “Who will survive?”. All I know is everyone is headed to a place called terminus, and that just sounds bad. Plus did you see that lady last week barbecuing those giant steaks, does anyone see any cows anywhere? I really hope those weren’t people steaks, or worse…..Beth t-bones. So ya, I think they’re all heading into cannibal central, and they’re the main course. So that’s my theory, what’s yours? Also, who does everyone think lives and dies tonight? Sound off below, and make sure you come back to us for the aftermath discussion. WPR will definitely being talking about this shockingly bloody season four conclusion.

The Walking Dead season finale airs tonight on AMC

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