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Read for Charity: Clash of the Geeks

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I like to think that I have a giving spirit, even when my wife tells me that I can be a jerk about it sometimes. Though, geeks as a united force are generous and when the cause is right and just, we kick some ass. So when this came across my email, I didn’t waste much time downloading and donating. Here is why you should too.

Early in 2010, author John Scalzi had a vision. And it was of himself. As an orc. And of actor and writer Wil Wheaton. As a warrior. In a clown sweater. Astride a unicorn pegasus kitten. What did this singular vision mean? Scalzi didn’t know. But he knew it was clearly too powerful to be ignored.

What happens when, Wil Wheaton, John Scalzi and Subterranean Press announce the publication of a chaptbook, Clash of the Geeks? First off, you get people like, Wheaton, Scalzi, New York Times bestseller Patrick Rothfuss, Norton Award winner and Hugo Best Novel nominee Catherynne M. Valente, Hugo and Nebula Award nominee Rachel Swirsky and others, all pooling their talents for the benefit of the Michigan/Indiana affiliate of the Lupus Alliance of America.

Did I mention that the book was free to download, and while they say voluntary payment is strongly encouraged. I’m going to say that if you don’t make a voluntary payment, you are a soulless bastard of a human being. Use it as a tax deduction if you really want to. All of it goes to help raise funds against lupus, the autoimmune disease which afflicts 1.5 million Americans and five million people worldwide (including Gretchen Schafer, Bill’s wife).

So there you go: Clash of the Geeks, featuring eight stories (and one song) about the warrior Wheaton, the orc Scalzi, and the Unicorn Pegasus Kitten. Down load and donate HERE

Read, Give, Geek. There is no better thing in life.

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