Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset Review

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While we’re not a hardware website, I feel that something like a mouse or a headset is important to the experience of playing a game on PC. Yeah this headset is a little old, but sometimes you need someone to tell you “Hey, this is what I think” because the reviews on Newegg, sometimes suck.

So above this wall of text is a picture of the Razer Carcharias circumaural gaming headset. Notice it’s sleek lines, it’s wire frame where you can adjust the size, and the easy to use, yet stylish volume and microphone controls. Look how the microphone boom stands proudly like a warrior ready for duty.

Ok enough of that, here’s my story. I used to buy Logitech headsets, and they were good, until they would break almost a month later. Jiggly wires, static filled mic, or even one of the ear cups going bad. I was never able to keep one of those things for any length of time. Then I finally switched to the Plantronics Gamecom brand and boy was it a step up. They fit snugly on my head, sounded great, and would last me almost a year. Best of all they were below the $50 budget I had set when it came to buying a headset.

Then I found a problem, the part of the headset where you would adjust the size of the set broke. It was due to the tension that would be created by my pulling the set on and off. While they would last me forever, I felt like I needed to step it up one more time.

Enter the Razer Carcharias(Car-care-ee-ass)

I’ve always been aware of Razer as a gaming brand but I didn’t know how they did when it came to headsets. I already had a soft spot in my heart for Razer because they were the only ones out there making a left-handed gaming mouse. That’s right folks! I use a left-handed gaming mouse, so what?

Before I begin let’s look at some of the stats.

Carcharias Stats

Frequency Response: 20- 20,000 Hz
Impedance: 32 (Omega sign goes here) at 1kHz
Sensitivity: 102 dB 4dB at 1kHzMax
Input Power: 200 mW
Drivers: 40mm with neodymium magnets
Cable: 3 Meters or 9ft (Only important stat here)

And those are just the speakers! If you’re like me, all you see are a bunch of huge numbers. What this basically means is that this headset is supposed to sound amazing and the cord is long.

The Actual Review

Stats and numbers are great, but how do I like them? From the moment I opened the box, I noticed how incredibly light this set is. With my old Gamecom set, I had to put a little bit of effort to take the headset off, with the Carcharias I feel like I’m always putting too much force into taking them off, I’m still not used to how easily I can take these off. Best of all, the point of tension when pulling these on or off is right in the middle of the headband, which might seem worse, but it isn’t two pieces of thin plastic stuck screwed together. The band is one long singular plastic band which feels very strong.

The next thing I noticed were the ear cups. Light, foamy, and it’s like wearing pillows on my head. I’ve been wearing them all day and there is absolutely no strain. The circumaural design fit over your ears so there’s nothing pushing on your sound holes. Combine this with a very lightweight design and you have something beautiful.

Sound wise I cant say that I’m a good authority and I’ll tell you why. The day before I purchased these, yeah that’s right I purchased these with my own money, my creative soundcard died. The onboard sound with my Asus motherboard isn’t the best, but even with a lame soundcard, these still sound great.

The only way I could really see how these did when it came to sound was to use The Test. What’s the test you say? Well, the test consists of a single song, and I’ve always used it to get a feel for any new headset. This song represents every range of possible audio situations. I present to you, The Test.

The Test

I used this, and the singeplayer in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Being in the jungles of Bolivia was a fantastic way to test out these new cans. I stopped more than once to listen to the rain pitter-patter. Every explosion came in so nicely that I stood in more than a few grenades just to hear it again. Which is something I could never hear with my Gamecom set. I also spent more time than any human should reloading my weapons and hearing all the clicks and ticks as I entered another clip and loaded one into the chamber. It as audio bliss.

Last game the microphone. I spend a lot of time in Ventrilo with my gaming buddies. So having a microphone that picks up my voice and only my voice is of the utmost importance. During my World of Warcraft raids I had more than a few guildies tell me that I sounded so much better. Everybody I’ve asked has told me that my voice comes in clear and even my cocker spaniel Thumper couldn’t break the noise filtering.


Coming in at $69.99 at some stores or about $65.99 on Newegg or Amazon the Razer Carcharias offers an amazing set for the price. With clear highs and booming lows, I am never disappointed by how damn good this set sounds. The light and comfy deign helps you during long gaming sessions and the long braided fiber covered cable gives you enough room to get up and stretch or do your victory dance when you hit MVP in your game. Even though this headset has been around for some time it never hurts to let others know that when they want a great set at an even better price The Carcharias is where it’s at.

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