Raunchy Rumours: Tomb Raider Reboot Pictures Leaked

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Tomb Raider is a strange franchise. The popularity for it was crazy when the first game was released back in the mid to late 90s, then by about 4 or 5 of similar games later, no one really cared anymore. (Except for Viera.nu’s Atheistium) Things then hit rock bottom with the terrible Tomb Raider: Legend Of Darkness and it seemed that Lara Croft was doomed to become the next Sonic The Hedgehog. But there would be light at the end of tunnel when Lara returned to form with Tomb Raider: Legend in 2005. It’s been 4 years since then and while the franchise might not be in ruins now, it’s never been able to attain the popularity it had in the late 90s. According to Eidos, it seems like it’s time for a reboot then and if these leaked images are to be believed, then this is what that reboot will look like.

According to Four Player Co-Op (who?), their mole on the inside sent them images of the Tomb Raider reboot along with some information about the next game. Details include an open world, a revamped combat system as well as using the environment as a weapon. If the leak is to be believed then the next game will be a prequel, featuring a younger Lara Croft trapped on a remote island near Japan fighting for survival. What made me smile the most was the image above. I know that it’s a younger Lara but she actually doesn’t look like a complete whore for a change. Of course she is designed to look attractive (this is Lara Croft after all) but she doesn’t have boobs that are bigger than her head and she’s wearing what you’d expect a female explorer to be wearing.

The last thing to note is the much darker looking setting. Now of course Tomb Raider has never been kid’s stuff but if the M rating in the images to be believed, then this will be a lot different to previous Tomb Raider games. Or maybe it will just be more blood or gore, who knows. Either way, it would be nice if this rumour is true but don’t get your hopes up too much. Pictures are in the link.

Source: Four Player Co-Op

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