Ratings are the true Kings in TV

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My fellow whores I come to you with a problem. A very serious problem that we, as a society, nay as human beings, are currently facing. Network television has grown stale and we, the viewers, are the cause of this.

How many CSI’s do we really need on TV? How many versions of Law and Order? Isn’t there enough reality shows out there? I think so. Too bad NBC didn’t see it that way when they canceled a great little show called Kings after only 7 episodes. I recently came across this little gem on Hulu.com and I must say, this is like Firefly all over again.

Kings is a retelling of the old classic, David vs. Goliath. It’s set in the country of Gilboa, a modern day version of the USA but with a major difference, a constitutional monarchy. David is a young soldier of the country who, against orders, goes out to rescue some POW’s from their enemy, the country of Gath. In doing so he faces the largest war machine ever built, a Goliath tank, and destroys it. Until this point, no soldier within 100 yards of a goliath had survived so David instantly becomes a hero. It also helps a little that the Prince of GIlboa, Jack Benjamin, was one of the POW’s. David’s life is never the same again.

King Benjamin(Saul) and David

It’s a great retelling full of intrigue, plot twists and incredibly cheesy dialogue, that somehow, just endears itself to you. You want to believe something like this could happen in our current time and that a man like King Silas Benjamin could really exist. And by the way, Ian McShane’s performance as the king is reason enough to watch it. I could write a whole post on him alone.

Yes it can be stupid at times and it shows that David, for all his bravery, isn’t a tremendous warrior nor an invincible hero, but a young man with flaws and sins like everyone else. But for a kid who grew up hearing this story in church, it’s awesome to hear quotes from the original verses on TV. Oh, and by the way, they don’t shy away from the God topic, in fact it’s a central theme. The show stays pretty true to the biblical themes the story originated from which makes me happy.

After 7 episodes NBC canceled the show due to ratings. I’ve looked them up myself and I can see why the show was canceled. It still makes me mad though.

If you are anything like me, you enjoy your forms of media such as video games, movies, books, comics, music etc. I live for my metal and my 3D graphics and my giant LCD TV’s. I truly do. But here for awhile, television has bored me. As a whole, now I’m not going to deny that there are a few shows that I have really enjoyed watching like Sons of Anarchy, The Shield, Heroes(season 1) a little bit of Lost,and now Lie To Me, but overall the shows I follow are few and far between. Now part of that is me, I would rather play games or read a book then watch TV. But part of it the networks themselves and their attitude toward trying anything new and daring.

All about the bling, bling baby.

Can we really blame the networks though? After all, they just put the shows on TV that gets the most advertising dollars. And who decides which shows are on air? Us. The viewers. The masses. And I’m sorry to say, but the masses are cowards. We like our tried and true formulas. The bad guys are bad, the good always wins, and fantasy shows should be banned from tv right? How many great shows died after only 5 episodes that had so much promise? Dollhouse was very close to being canceled and I think FOX made the right choice in giving them another season because the show only got better as the season went along.

I’m just saying that I’m freaking bored with the same old shows on TV. I crave something new to follow like a fanatic. Something that forces me to turn down friends because my show is on. I’m tired of Cop dramas and Law dramas, reality shows, and the like. I need something new, something different, but every time I do, it’s gone. I keep feeling like I’m one of those hopeless romantics who falls in love only to have that love squashed but yet always looking again.

I would tell you to go onto Hulu.com, look up Kings, and try watching a few episodes for yourself. And when you see a new show on TV that is trying to be something different, give it a shot instead of turning it over to that Law and Order rerun you’ve seen 10 times already. In doing so, you may just find a diamond in the rough.

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