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Would You Rather? with Maggie Stiefvater

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After a normal interview with Maggie Stiefvater at the Decatur Book Festival, I thought it’d be fun to play a bookish version of Would You Rather?

Would You Rather with Maggie

Would you rather be the hero or the villain in the story?

They’re the same thing! That’s a trick question. Because it’s just perspective, where you’re standing. But I’d rather be seen as the hero.

Since you love cars, would you rather be forced to drive a racecar super slowly or be in a race with a junk car?

Be in a race with a junk car. You just found out about my Camaro. That was basically the answer to this question!

Would you rather be an old, wise character or a young, headstrong character in the middle of the action?

Can I be an old, headstrong character?

Would you rather werewolf or a medium?

A medium. Definitely. 100% What do werewolves do? They don’t have magic powers. Shedding!

Would you rather fall into a rabbit hole and find Wonderland or fly to Neverland with Peter Pan?

Let the record show that this is the first question to stump her. Fly. Always flying!

Would you rather have an e-reader with every single book ever published for free or have to buy every book you want?

I feel that I already have this option. One of the best perks of being a professional writer is that people will always send you copies of their books before they come out. So I have an e-reader – I have two actually, my iPad and a Nook – and they sit there losing charge. Instead, I go out and buy them, because I like the look of books on my shelf and the feel of them in my hand. Even though I happily read on my e-readers if I have to but I buy all of them in hardcover.

This one is silly: would you rather dog ear your pages or use a banana as a bookmark?

Dog ear. Because I had a – it was here! It was here in Decatur! I was here a couple of years ago – and I had a copy of one of my books that I was using to read and someone had given me a piece of banana bread. I stuffed them both in my bag and it had leeched through my bag, and so the book smelled like banana. So this actually happened. I gave away the copy of the book here in Decatur. She goes, “I’ll take it!” I said, “Really? It smells like banana.” So someone out there in Georgia is the answer to that question!

Is there anything else you’d want to tell us?

No, those were all really good questions!

Yay! Well, thank you!

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