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Rambling Thoughts on the Walking Dead Season 3 Finale, Pssst. (Whatever)

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I’m feeling rather indifferent after the Season 3 Finale. As someone who read the first compendium of The Walking Dead comic, I’ll be honest, I was expecting a bit more.


I’m sure there are a few hundred thousand articles, blog posts and such that have gone up since the finale ended. People who are either gushing/ranting/raving, whatever you will, I’ll just say my piece and move on within the monolithic crowd of voices. Maybe someone will hear, most won’t, but at least I’ll know I at least said it so I can move on. Or, they’re all watching the new Game of Thrones season premier. Whatever, lets talk.


That’s the word I’m looking for.

Why was I expecting so much more? Is it because I read the first compendium of the comic books and how the whole Woodbury/Governor Vs The Prison/Rick ended? It seems to me that the people behind the show really, really wanted to separate itself from the Comic Books. Which is fine, the show has never run a parallel line with the continuity of what The Walking Dead comics vision as set by Robert Kirkman has presented. I’ll give AMC credit where it’s due, the show has been doing a fine job of taking the element of the comic and expanding it into a the TV realm. The two forms (Comic and TV) are ideally separate entities now, that much is clear. So, again, why was I under any assumption that the ending of this season might slightly end with a giant battle in scope, and the true enemies winning at the end? (Zombies, the only true enemy that matters).

The buildup, The Governor descending into further Madness, Carl seemingly on the same path. It all seemed an anti-climatic closing for the season when the screen went black and Chris Hardwick greeted me for Talking Dead right after the show. Yes, Andrea had to blow her brains out, though I was over her character waaaay back in Season 2 on the farm, I didn’t care when the whole slowly watching the group waiting for the single shot. I hope Michone cleaned up good afterwards, since she last seen sitting all of six inches away from Andrea’s face when she said she was going to stay with Andrea to watch her blow her brains out. Did I mention Spoilers? You shouldn’t be reading this is you haven’t watched the episode yet.



It just keeps reverberating though my mind. Yes, they possibly have Tyreese and his bad-ass self if they take any of his character building from the comic book, but, don’t get your hopes up. I think that I thought I had the show slightly figured out, maybe that’s why I’m disappointed. Maybe I leaned too much on my knowledge of the comic books, and where I thought the show was moving forward. Maybe, they really, really wanted to keep The Governor around for another season to play out his evolving psychosis while Rick and his crew take the new addition of Woodburie’s old people and children on tours of the prison. Or,they start perhaps trying to cultivate the prison more into what they hoped Woodbury would be. I don’t know, I’m still trying to process where this show is exactly going now. I could be the intent all along, to throw such a monkey wrench into the thoughts of the Comic Book readers of The Walking Dead so as to silence our bragging about how we know how it will all turn out and ruin it for the unknowing.

I am still disappointed, and yet, I’ll still be watching when Season Four rolls around next October.

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