Alan Smithee

RAGE “The Arsenal” – Trailer

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I sincerely hope you have a few minutes to waste watching how great id Software’s latest FPS is coming along.

I don’t know why so many people are polarized against a game like this. I don’t know if they were expecting so much more from the hype that’s been bandied around for the last few years about how awesome the new graphics engine was going to be, or if they think that the setting and gameplay are just too familiar (like Borderlands and Fallout). I just find myself not hearing any of it and genuinely getting excited for the game’s release this October.

The video below shows you the weapons and tech that you’ll be using while playing the game and yes, we’ve seen many of these weapons before in other games, I’ve never seen a death boomerang that will let me live out my Mad Max 2 (aka The Road Warrior) fantasies of killing a bith with a piece of magical sharpened metal.

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