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RAGE – Dead City Gameplay Trailer

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Apparently Bethesda had an event here in Utah a few days ago and we weren’t invited…:SADFACE:

No worries though, we’re still managing to bring you everything we can find from the event that showed the upcoming products from Bethesda, but most importantly we finally get to see id Software’s RAGE in action and in-game.

The trailer is great for showing off how amazing looking the new id Tech 5 engine (being debuted with this game) is. It’s obvious that the company responsible for starting the FPS trend is about to come back in a big way and reclaim the crown.

I just can’t get over how it looks like it will play much like Borderlands with the vehicular bits and the FPS fun. Even if it’s only 1/10th the fun I’ve had with Gearbox’s game…I’m sure I’ll love it.

The game is out on the 13th of September for the US, and on the 16th for our UK brethren.

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