Rage Against the Post Apocalyptic – Orchid #1 Mini Review

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I read Orchid #1 completely through before discovering that it was written by Tom Morello, guitar playing mastermind from Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. Initially upon discovering Morello was writing a comic my thought was this dude is too much of a guitar all-star to be wasting his talents on a comic book. Then I discovered that each comic comes with a soundtrack, an original song written by Morello.

What makes it even better is both the comic and the song were good. Orchid is the story of a teenage prostitute in a post-apocalyptic America. However, the first issue sets up the background for the world she lives in and introduces us to Simon and Anzio, two rebels fighting against the current rulers of the land.

The story brings the two rebels and Orchid together and honestly has me intrigued on where it is going to go next. On top of that the track that accompanies the book is incredible. I wasn’t a fan of Morello’s Nightwatchmen project but this track seems to pull from the best of his Rage and Audioslave days. You can download the first track today from his website.



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