Radiohead To Play The King Of Limbs Live In Full on BBC

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On July 1st there will be a special BBC Worldwide Broadcast for From The Basement, where Radiohead will play their latest album, The King Of Limbs, in its entirety. The special programme will be produced by Nigel Godrich, the “sixth member” of Radiohead, who came up with the idea of From The Basement. As well as the album being played there will be some behind the scenes material. It’ll also be filmed in HD, but that should be a given these days.

Radiohead have previously appeared on the show in its second season to play a heavy In Rainbows set and Thom Yorke has appeared on the show multiple times.

The show is essentially intimate live performances by artists without an audience or host, hence the name. It ran from 2006 to 2009, so this seems to be a special one off.

I for one am looking very forward to the show. The King Of Limbs is yet another great Radiohead album, and their live performances are as good as if not better than the album material. Cheers to the Beeb and Radiohead for setting this up for our entertainment.

Source: BBC Press Office

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