R4 Piracy causes no Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth distribution in Netherlands

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Coming from the Dutch edition of Nintendo magazine NGamer, it was today announced by Brizamila, Capcom’s distributer in the Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemborg), that the newly released Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth will not be being released in those countries. Talking to NGamer, Robin Wolff of Brizamila confirmed rumours which began when readers of the publication could not find the game in various shops in the Benelux. When pressed for a reason, he blamed the R4 device, which has appeared many times in recent years when it comes to stories about DS piracy. Wolff says that the R4 situation is so bad in these countries that it is no longer financially viable for them to distribute DS games in the country, so they’re not going to risk losing money against a device that is easily available. He also threatened the future distribution of Capcom DS games there by mentioning that there will be more and more pressure if Nintendo don’t do anything about the situation.


This is a sad day for legitimate DS players in the region and it could lead to more games not being distributed or worse. It also shows just how rampant piracy is in these countries. I’m not against any kind of flash card since when used legally as it is a great tool for the homebrew community. However, with how easy it is to pirate DS games, its no wonder that the R4 and similar flash cards have gotten such a bad rap. We can only hope that Capcom themselves might get involved in the situation. If you are living in the Benelux then we’d love to hear what you think.

Source: NGamer.nl

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