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Quick Review: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Volume 3

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Another excellent offering by Bandai, volume 3 of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn once again awes with its top-tier animation, but is it worth 45 dollars for one hour of Gundam?

Honestly, I’d say it is. I’m usually not the type to shell out 45 bucks for a Blu-ray that lasts a mere hour, but Bandai has made Gundam Unicorn a tempting offer. Each episode looks more and more gorgeous, and the story and action keep getting better. I enjoyed the mecha design so much in this episode, that it convinced me to pick up the latest HG Gunpla of Gundam Unicorn in Destroy Mode, and I’ll be picking up the HG Sinanju model pretty soon as well.

– Some of the the best 1080p animation I’ve ever seen
– A well written story that keeps you engaged, even though it’s very complex
– Pretty good English dub, not the best I’ve heard but pretty good.

– $45 is a lot of money to drop on a Blu-Ray
– Annoying OP song

If you’re a fan of Gundam, this is a must buy. If not, wait till the price comes down or Bandai releases the complete set after all the episodes have come out. Check out the trailer below if you’re on the fence

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