Ryan Wilson

Quentin Tarantino Speaks Out Against CGI

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Not one to stay quiet (especially in his movies), Quentin Tarantino strongly voiced his opinion on Hollywood’s current trend of heavy CGI films, calling them the “death knell of cinema”. Fair enough, Tarantino, as this seems most evident in the rise of cheaply made derivative talking animal films. Then, in typical Tarantino fashion, he related the experience to sticking his “dick in a Nintendo”.

This just made him out to seem a lot older and crotchety than he actually is. I can understand that the man is classically trained in filmmaking, but this doesn’t mean one should shun new technologies that have the potential to emulate real situations if used properly. Hell, even his good buddy Robert Rodriguez has embraced the use of CGI in a number of his movies.

Quentin, I love your movies, but keep your penis away from my NES.

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