Robert Chesley

“Pushing Daisies” Creator Gets Another Crack at “The Munsters” reboot

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NBC wants Bryan Fuller to give a “Munsters” pilot another go.

According to New NBC Entertainment topper Robert Greenblatt, the network wants Fuller to try another go at rebooting the seminal monster series that they passed on last year.

Fuller reportedly wants to give it a more darker tone than the original. Which judging from Fuller’s other work I’m not quite sure how that is possible. Many of his previous TV shows (which include “Pushing Daisies” and “Dead Like Me”) were very optimistic and upbeat. It will be interesting if Fuller can bring this “edge” to the show.

I would love to see Lee Pace or Ellen Muth to return to a Fuller created show, but I have a feeling we won’t. NBC would be the perfect network for a Fuller inspired show, the network could definitely afford to grow an audience and would get a boost from many Fuller fanatics, myself included.


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