Punk’s Dead: The Sequel to SLC Punk – Exclusive Info

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Stevo and Heroin Bob’s reaction to the news of a SLC Punk sequel.


Matthew Lillard showing his age.

Punk’s Dead (the sequel to SLC Punk) AKA SLC PUNK 2 is being filmed this summer, and while some people have been reporting this, very little is known as to what this movie is about. I received some exclusive information on this project this weekend while doing press at Crypticon Seattle. In an interview with James Duval (who played John the Mod in SLC Punk) I was able to confirm some rumors and was told a little bit about the plot.

This is a small excerpt from my interview with James Duval while at Crypticon Seattle 2013 The Northwest’s largest horror convention.

Me: “Last night you alluded to a sequel to SLC Punk, is this actually happening?”

James Duval: “It’s absolutely happening. I have a script, and we’re scheduled to film at the end of Summer. James (James Merendino) hopes of release in the summer of 2014”

Me: “Now you said most of the cast is coming back, Matthew Lillard…”

James Duval: “Matthew’s back, Annabeth, myself. I don’t know who else they’ve confirmed but I assume everyone is coming back from the script they gave me. Even Michael Goorjian is back!”

Me: “Heroin Bob!? How does that work?”

James Duval: “Heroin Bob, and Stevo were best friends most their lives, of course you’re going to have conversations in your head with your best friend, even if he’s dead. That’s all I’m going to say about that.”


 I’m not going to lie, when I first heard that Heroin Bob was back I immediately assumed this movie was going to be crap, but James’ explanation pulled me right back in. In fact, the idea seems to fit in perfectly with the style of the first movie. I’m excited to see Stevo’s inner monologue turn into an inner dialogue.

Two days prior to my interview with Duval, I had a conversation with him at a party. He described to me some other key plot points from Punk’s Dead. Apparently the movie is set 18 years after the original SLC Punk, and Matthew Lillard’s character is struggling with his adult life and selling out and such. Another thing he was able to confirm with me is that original writer/director James Merendino will be back in the same capacity. I honestly don’t know anyone who didn’t like SLC Punk. It was a visionary independent piece not only about growing up and choosing to be different, but doing so while living in a judgmental overly religious community. Every adult has struggled with growing up and taking on responsibility and I think this is why this movie speaks to so many. If you haven’t seen it (very unlikely I know) check out the trailer below and go and watch it.

Here’s a list of the expected cast for Punk’s Dead the sequel to SLC Punk

  • Matthew Lillard as Steven “Stevo” Levy (Confirmed)
  • Michael A. Goorjian as “Heroin” Bob (Confirmed)
  • Jason Segel as Mike
  • Annabeth Gish as Trish (Confirmed)
  • Jennifer Lien as Sandy
  • Adam Pascal as Eddie
  • Til Schweiger as Mark
  • James Duval as John the Mod (Confirmed)
  • Summer Phoenix as Brandy

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