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You will notice two things when you first see Pug:  1) It is about boxing and 2) It is not the normal size for a comic book.

Pug is 104 page B&W comic book about the life of a failed boxer in the 1950s who turns to shady dealings outside of the ring to survive.

Pug was written by Derek McCulloch, and drawn by Greg Espinoza.  It is published by Image.  It was released on July 14.

The reason I didn’t review this book sooner is that I do not enjoy boxing.  I have never seen Million Dollar Baby.  Rocky is not a great American hero for me.

Actually, because of that, I probably would not have read the book.  However, the art pulled me back to the book finally.  Mr. Espinoza’s sharp black lines make for good eye candy.  The art is almost cartoonish, but still real enough to pack the punch that the violence in the story needs (excuse the pun).  In matching this, the boxers are the most realistic  looking characters.

The story format is taken from the ring:  There are fifteen chapters, like a fifteen round match broken up with a quick rest in the corner of the ring.  There is no bell to hear, unfortunately.

Also, like a boxing match, the story is brutal and violent with all sides receiving some punishment,  physical and emotional.

Bottom Line:  $9.99/$14.99

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