PSP2/NGP will use original OS, not Android

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Andriasang have posted a translated summary of a roundtable interview Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai conducted with the Japanese press last week. One of the initial details that wasn’t mentioned during the portable’s official announcement is what OS it runs. Given that the Playstation Suite and Xperia Play (aka PSPhone) both run on Android, it wasn’t clear for the NGP. However, Kaz has cleared this up by saying that it doesn’t run Android and it’s not based on the XMB framework used on the PSP. It is a completely original OS.

On the one hand, it’s good that the XMB isn’t being used in this case. While it is a perfectly fine OS, it doesn’t seem like it would translate well on a touch screen device. On the other hand, it’s disappointing that Sony haven’t chosen to use Android on the NGP, even with their own adjustments. While everything else about the NGP looks promising, what I’ve personally seen of the OS looks bad to say the least. I personally don’t like the bubbles look, it just comes off as childish and nothing like the style we’re used to from Sony. Who knows though, maybe it’ll be better in motion. Still, if the NGP was running Android, that would give it access to the huge library of Android apps from launch as well as whatever launches with the device. I think that would have made it a very more attractive device. Ah well. I hope Sony know what they’re doing and don’t cock up this time, like they did with the PSP.

PS: I hate using the term NGP. I know it’s a codename, but really, Next Generation Portable?

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