Alan Smithee

PSP2 Dev Kit Spy Shots

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We’re generally a pretty pro PSP crowd here at WPR, I think that out of most of the contributing writers and staff of the website are PSP owners and generally prefer playing that as a handheld over the DS on any given day. With that, you can only imagine how salivating it is to see the PSP2.

We now see that the guys at Sony have finally listened to all of the bitching and complaining about there not being a second analog stick…because as you can see, there are two of em now! It appears that there will probably be the same amount of buttons on the device. The strangest 2 things that the system will have is the front and rear facing cameras (seeming to be the standard on portable devices), and the trackpad that makes up a big chunk of the back of the unit.

We’ll get more as it comes across, but until then enjoy all of the speculation that’s sure to come about. Thanks to the gents at VG247 for the pics!

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