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PSP to Copy iPhone

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Yup, the bastards at Sony who are just as bad as Microsoft in their “Hey me too” method of doing business have decided that they want to copy Apple’s App Store business model and open their own App Store. During the Develop Conference in Brighton this week, SCEE’s head of developer relations Zeno Colaço that:

“We’re introducing new initiatives for the PSP which take it beyond traditional gaming, but still includes elements from gaming, and also includes new developers. It is still a professional environment, you still need a development kit and you still need to have investment and a team, but it can be a small team. We don’t see any of the restrictions on the disc-based space being in this space.”

The PSP App Store will be a ‘specially branded’ area of the PS Store and already has over 40 studios working on different games and applications for use on the PSP and the new PSP Go. I think I’ll stick with my iPhone, they seem to have their shit together at Apple a bit more than Sony.

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