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PSN Gets Ninja Gaiden Sigma II Demo

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Tecmo, in all of their ninja-loving glory, have decided to release a demo of the PS3 version of Ninja Gaiden II…this September. Funny thing is, they’re calling it Ninja Gaiden Sigma II. If anyone picked up the Sigma version of the first Ninja Gaiden game, get ready cause this version is bound to rock the socks of anyone playing it…and will be really fucking difficult to beat.

In the PS3 version of the same Xbox 360 game that came out you’ll also get all the fun that was to be had, plus graphical tweaks and the following updates:

  • Ayane – Playable Female Character
  • Genma – New Spiked Hammer
  • Additional Giant Boss Battles (that weren’t featured in the Xbox 360 version)

I really liked how Tecmo and Team Ninja did the update for Ninja Gaiden Sigma, so this will be a must have for my collection this fall.

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