Ryan Wilson

PSA: TV Watchers on Netflix May Want to Update Their Queue

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…because Netflix made a simple change that you’re going to love!

It appears that the days of hunting down every season of a show and adding them to your Instant Queue are a thing of the past, as many of the shows have converted over to a single show entry for easy access. The change doesn’t seem to affect entries already in your queue, so you may need to search and add them again to gain the full effect. Adding these new entries will not erase your current episode progress.

There is one downside to this change, however, and this is in how the rating system works. Did you love the first season of Scrubs, yet hate the atrocity that was its final season? Too bad, as your rating will only pertain to the show in general.

Check your Instant Queue today and watch your list become much smaller!

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