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PSA – Steam’s Holiday Sales Have Begun

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The headline says it all really. Get ready to throw your wallet at your monitors starting…..NOW!

We’ve gathered a few links for you adventuresome folk out there that find yourselves victims of the amazing Valve service.

Publishers in the Sale

Pack Sales

If neither of those work, or if you find yourself with enough cash to buy even more, check out the actual SALE landing page on Steam for more great buys.

Yeah, this is essentially an unpaid commercial for Steam, but dammit the sales are too tempting. Also, don’t forget that you can buy gifts for other Steam users so if you know anyone who needs some new games, now’s the time to load up.


I managed to get past my web net-nanny at le Job, and found out that there’s a metagame going on right now on the site with the Grand Prize of…wait for it…


Just follow this link to get started.

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