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PS3 Fallout3 DLC “Almost Finished”

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Much to the appreciation of our very own PS3 Fallout 3 player (Ryan Wilson), Bethesda’s main man Pete Hines, who you can all thank for the coverage we give that game, said today that the first DLC for the PS3, Operation Anchorage is ‘almost’ finished.

It’s a different platform with a different way of doing things and it requires special attention and plenty of testing before it’s released…We are trying to put the finishing touches on it now, but as I said above it’s a different task than DLC on another platform, and so there are things we have to finish doing and testing before it’s done on PS3.

Sadly it’ll take about the same timeframe for additional PS3 DLC to be released as it has for the Xbox 360 and PC…if not a bit longer. Sorry PS3 gamers, you won’t get your level cap raised to 30 until about the end of August if you’re lucky.

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