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PS3 3.0 What Does It Do?

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(If anyone reads today that there’s a new PS3 Firmware 3.0 coming out and is actually surprised about that, then you need to have your gamer card revoked.)

Around xmas time this year, the new firmware is slated to be released (which means I’ll download it sometime in February) and will apparently do everything but make you some deliciously cooked bacon sandwiches.

This so-called huge overhaul will most likely mimic that of the NXE that was dropped a little while back, confirmed for the update are the following elements:

  • A Reputation System – Similar to the system we already have on XBL, where people can give you props if you’re a good guy, or can kill your rep if you’re a rage-quitting troll.
  • A Grievance System – So people like me can leave bad feedback when you’re 12 and playing a mature game and dropping all sorts of new curse words towards me.
  • Background Patch Downloading – No longer will you just have to sit there staring at the screen when you pop in a game that you haven’t played in months only to find out it needs a 2 GB update.
  • HDMI AND Digital Optical Output AT THE SAME TIME! – Unless you’re a home theatre geek like me and know how to hook something like this up, just forget that I said anything.
  • That’s all that I’ve uncovered so far, but I’ve also heard that the XMB might be getting a considerable overhaul, but that’s all speculation until we get confirmation or screens.

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